How to be successful in life and business

Debt is a real enemy of our financial lives. It starts with a little debt over here and a little debt over there and before we realize we have debt everywhere.  Many a times people are forced into debt due to certain unavoidable circumstances like a father needs to pay the yearly fees of his… (0 comment)

Key Principles in Strategic Marketing
Strategic Marketing can be defined as the way a company differentiates itself in a effective way from its competitors by capitalizing on its strengths  to provide consistently better value to customers than its competitors. Your marketing strategy is the key element which will determine your success or failure in the market as such this is of… (0 comment)

The Four Levels of Customer Satisfaction
Customer is the king in any business and Customer Satisfaction in the key to the success of your business. If you are not able to satisfy your customer then you won’t be able to be in the business for long. There are four different levels of customer satisfaction and for the success of your business… (0 comment)

How to easily get the customer appointment
All said and done the first meeting with a prospective client is of utmost importance when it comes down to selling. Professional people take care the getting of the first appointment with the prospective client is well planned. Today we take a look at the flow of planned steps that we can take to have… (0 comment)

Improve your Business
Every entrepreneur starts with a dream of making it big in business. A certain percentage of these enterprising people succeed at different levels but the failure rate is much more higher among the entrepreneur community. Most of the failure is due to lack of proper planning and an attitude of working more in the business… (0 comment)